International trade fair for secure communications – 27 to 29 November 2018 at Koelnmesse

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Florence Erpelding

AGURRE - Association des Grands Utilisateurs de Réseaux Radio d'Exploitation

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28.11.17 11:30
Double lessionsTopic 1: Broadband professional mobile networks for the security and the performance of transport and energy organizations

Florence Erpelding

AGURRE - Association des Grands Utilisateurs de Réseaux Radio d'Exploitation


Florence Erpelding is representative of AGURRE (Association des Grands Utilisateurs de Réseaux Radio d’Exploitation).

AGURRE groups eleven key economic organisations, in the sectors of transport and energy, who need broadband professional mobile networks able to fulfil the evolution of their operating and safety tasks.

Florence takes part, under the aegis of AGURRE and its members, in the following missions:
• consolidate the needs of the various users as regards broadband professional mobile networks;
• promote expertise exchanges and cooperation to define consistent strategies;
• foster the conduct of different and complementary trials, in relation to radio technologies and frequencies, and the exchanges of feedbacks;
• lobby national public bodies and promote, in a coordinated way, the spectrum requirements;
• monitor technological development, for both network infrastructure and user terminals.

Florence Erpelding is a senior telecommunications engineer at LD in Paris, a company offering engineering and consulting services, as well as integration services, in wireless technologies.

Before joining LD, Florence worked at ANFR, the French Radio Frequencies Agency, from 2012 to 2016, and previously at Arcep, France’s Electronic Communications and Postal Regulatory Authority, from 2004 to 2012.

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