Event organizer

Event Organizer of PMRExpo

PMRExpo is an event organised by Bundesverband Professioneller Mobilfunk e.V. (PMeV) an EW Medien und Kongresse GmbH.


Bundesverband Professioneller Mobilfunk e.V. (PMeV), which has its registered office in Berlin, is an association of leading suppliers and users of communications systems for mobile professional use... Its members are manufacturers, system vendors, application integration companies, network operators and users. PMeV's objective is to develop the professional mobile radio market in Germany still further. For this purpose, and as the leading centre of excellence in the field of professional mobile radio, it is offering a forum for a neutral, cooperative dialogue with market partners, politicians, authorities and institutions, independent of manufacturers.

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​EW Medien und Kongresse

EW Medien und Kongresse GmbH, Offenbach am Main, is a leading information provider to the energy and water industry in Germany and supplies up-to-date industry-sector knowledge across different media channels from a single source. EW works under the slogan "Knowledge is our energy" every day to gather and process the most important information for the sector. Quality, topicality andpractical relevance are always at the forefront. Due to its proximity to the German Federal Association of the Energy and Water Industry (BDEW), EW can react quickly to current political and legal developments. EW also organises events on topics relevant to PMR, such as the PMR information day for utilities, the symposium on stand-by duties, events covering emergency and crisis management and, since 2013, PMRExpo as well.