International trade fair for Professional Mobile Radio and Control Rooms – 28 to 30 November 2017 at Koelnmesse

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Exhibitors 2017

3creative Kommunikationssysteme GmbH

3M Deutschland GmbH

abel & kaeufl Mobilfunkhandels GmbH

Stand: B27

Abell Industries Co. LTD

Stand: A12

accellonet GmbH

Stand: F01

AIRadio Deutschland GmbH & Co. Kg

Airbus Defence and Space

Stand: D01

AK Funktechnik GmbH

Stand: B09

Akkuplanet GmbH

Stand: E15.1


Stand: D23

ASC Technologies AG

Stand: D10



Stand: C09

ATS Elektronik GmbH

Stand: A04


Stand: C14

Axians GA Netztechnik

Stand: C25

B&E antec

Stand: D22


Stand: E15

BESCom Elektronik GmbH

Stand: F01

BHE Bonn Hungary Electronics Ltd.

Stand: E24

CeoTronics AG

Stand: B12

CKS Systeme GmbH

Stand: C13

CMV Hoven GmbH


Stand: B07


Stand: B15


Stand: C24

CONET Solutions GmbH

Stand: D19

cubos Internet GmbH

Stand: F03

Decodio AG

Stand: C21

DFMG Deutschland Funkturm GmbH

Stand: E05

Dongguan Baiao

Stand: A16

e*Message Wireless Information Services Deuts...

Stand: B08


Ehmki, Schmid & Co.

Stand: E26

ela-soft GmbH

Stand: C13

elektronik-labor CARLS GmbH & Co. KG

Stand: A02

ENDRESS Elektrogeraetebau GmbH

Stand: A15

EuroBOS GmbH

Stand: D02

Eurocommand GmbH

Stand: B06

eurofunk KAPPACHER GmbH

Stand: E03

EW Medien und Kongresse GmbH

Stand: 0

Fachverband Leitstellen e.V.

Stand: E35

FIMO Deutschland GmbH

Stand: C07

Fireboard GmbH

Stand: B26

Frequentis Deutschland GmbH

Stand: C02

Friedrich Kuhnt GmbH

Fujian Baofeng Electronic Co., Ltd

Stand: A06

Fujian Belfone Communications Technology Co. ...

Stand: B14

Fujian Quanzhou MYT Electronics Co. LTD

Stand: E21

GEOBYTE Software GmbH

Stand: C16


Stand: D08

GPCOMM Technology LTD

Stand: A08

Hexagon Safety & Infrastructure - c/o Intergr...

Stand: B21

Holmberg GmbH & Co. KG

Hytera Mobilfunk GmbH

Stand: E02


Stand: C05

ICOM (Europe) GmbH

Stand: B03

Imtradex Hoer-/Sprechsysteme GmbH

Stand: A05

Inteso d.o.o.


Stand: F02

Juma Communications

Stand: B24


Stand: B18

KaiTec GmbH

Stand: D20

Kellner Telecom GmbH

Stand: D07

Kirisun Communications Co., Ltd.

Stand: B19

Knuerr Communications Co. LTD

Stand: D03


Stand: E16

Kyodo Comunicaciones, S.L.

LEONARDO Finmeccanica S.p.a.

Stand: B13

Lisheng (Fujian) Communications Co., Ltd.

Stand: E10

LS telcom AG

Stand: D05


Stand: F05

Motorola Solutions Germany GmbH

Stand: C12


Stand: E06

Netze BW GmbH

Stand: B20

Nicepower Tech.Inc.

Stand: A10

NoraTec GmbH

Stand: E20

Norbert Stadler GmbH + Co. KG

Notfunk Deutschland e.V.

Objekt+Deisgn GmbH & Co. KG

Stand: C13

Oelmann Elektronik GmbH

Stand: E07


Stand: B23

P3 communications GmbH

Stand: C03

Panorama Antennas Ltd.

Stand: C04

pei tel Communications GmbH

Stand: A03

Phonak Communications AG

Stand: D04


Stand: B11

PROCOM-Deutschland GmbH

Stand: D13

Professioneller Mobilfunk e.V.

Stand: D11

Quansheng Electronics Co. LTD

Stand: A09

Quanzhou Teshuno Electronics Co., LTD

Stand: F08

QuanzhouHengLiDa Tel-Equipment Co. Ltd

Stand: C15

Radio Activity srl

Stand: E27

Radio Structures Ltd

Stand: E17


Stand: E11

Raytalk Communications & Technology Co., LTD

Stand: F07


Stand: E18

rfe-global GmbH

Stand: A01

RIEDEL Communications GmbH & Co. KG

Stand: E12

Rudolf Boeckenholt GmbH & Co. KG

Stand: A07

S.E.A. Datentechnik GmbH

Stand: E14

Saab International Deutschland GmbH

Stand: A17

Savox Communications

Stand: C06

Scandinavian Business Seating GmbH

Stand: C20

Schnoor Industrieelektronik GmbH & Co. KG

Stand: B02


Stand: B16

Selecsys BV

Stand: E09

SELECTRIC Nachrichten-Systeme GmbH

Stand: E01

Shenzen Samhoo Sci & Tech Co. LTD

Stand: D06

Shenzhen Corget Technology Co. LTD

Stand: E23

Shenzhen Covalue communication Co. LTD

Stand: B22

Shenzhen CXD Science & Technology Co., LTD

Stand: E13

Shenzhen Easycom Electronics Co., Ltd.

Stand: F09

Shenzhen Excera Technology Co. LTD

Stand: D15

Shenzhen Inrico Electronics Co., Ltd.

Stand: C17

SINUS Nachrichtentechnik GmbH

Stand: C08

SMC Group

Softclean GmbH

Stand: C27

Sopra Steria Consulting GmbH

speedsignal GmbH

Stand: D16

Status 3 IT GmbH

Stand: E25

StolComfort GmbH

Stand: E19

STRABAG Infrastructure & Safety Solutions Gmb...

Stand: C18

Swissphone Telecommunications GmbH

Stand: C01

Systemhaus Scheuschner GmbH

Stand: D12

T-Systems- DTHS GmbH

Stand: E28

Tait Communications GmbH

Stand: E04

Talkpod Technology Co., Ltd.

Stand: A11


telent GmbH – ein Unternehmen der euromicron ...

Stand: D09

Telo Systems Limited

Stand: C19

TPL Systèmes

Stand: C11

Trapeze Group

Stand: C22

UICE - United International Conference & Exhi...

Vetters + Freywald KG Fireco Deutschland


Stand: E08

Virtual Trunk PTE. LTD.

Stand: E22

VOMATEC Innovations GmbH

Stand: B05

Wempe Elektronic GmbH

Stand: D14

WTG Leitstellenstechnik GmbH

Stand: B10

ZTE Trunking Technology Corporation

Stand: C10

Exhibitor registration

For being part at the PMRExpo 2017 download aur exhibitor registration form and send it to:


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Exhibitors at “PMRExpo” are currently being contacted by businesses trading as “Expo-Guide”, “Fair-Guide” and “MULPOR Company”. In the letter, businesses are being asked to correct, complete or add to their business details on an enclosed order form. It is also claimed that this is necessary to update existing details in the directory of exhibitors, to enable potential clients to contact your business easily.

N.B.: If you accede to the request made by “Expo-Guide” and/or “Fair-Guide” and/or “MULPOR”, you are concluding a three-year contract with them to publish details of your business. Such a contract will cost 1,271 euros p.a. (Expo-Guide).

The organisers of “PMRExpo”,  EW Medien und Kongresse GmbH, and its conceptual sponsor, the German Association for Professional Mobile Radio (PMeV), wish to state expressly that they have no commercial or contractual connection whatsoever with the businesses “Expo-Guide”, “Fair-Guide” or “MULPOR”.

“Expo-Guide”, Fair-Guide” and “MULPOR” have neither been authorised nor induced in any other way to approach our exhibitors to update details for a directory of exhibitors. Should such updating be necessary in an individual case, please get in touch directly with the responsible contact at EW Medien und Kongresse GmbH.

If you have already signed the “Expo-Guide”, “Fair-Guide” or “MULPOR” order form, thus concluding a contract, please consider disputing your declaration immediately, on the grounds of  fraudulent deception. You can also cancel the contract, in order to preclude a future purchase agreement. In this connection, we would refer you to judgement ref. 9 S 44/07 by Cologne Regional Court on 4 July 2007, in which it was ruled that acceptance of an offer of an entry in an internet directory may be disputed on the grounds of fraudulent deception, even if the monthly costs were stated, if the offer otherwise constitutes deception by means of its presentation and formulation. We recommend that you obtain legal advice.

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