Tait Communications


Tait Communicatoins - Protecting People, Assets and Productivity

Founded in 1969 and headquartered in New Zealand, Tait is a global leader in designing, delivering and managing world-class critical communications solutions.

Across the world, in more than 150 countries, we work with transportation, public safety, utilities, mining and oil & gas organizations. A Tait Communications solution is the glue that links an entire transportation network and a whole fireground with the control room. We unify networks of utilities and mines to meet voice and data needs and ensure operations keep moving and people stay safe.

We work hard to gain a deep understanding of the challenges, operational teams in the field and their management face and build solutions that fully fit their requirements. That is how we deliver robust, fit-for-purpose products, exceptional customer service and world class system performance.

Tait Unified Solutions help our customers to enter a new, exciting radio age:

  • Tait Unified Vehicle, including Tait PTToX is a mobile communications platform that converts vehicles into network hubs by integrating multiple networks, application processing, and voice recording.
  • Tait Enable Management Suite includes four unique tools to manage, monitor, protect, and report on your radio communications network

To learn more about Tait Communications and why Digital Mobile Radio is the choice to modernize and future-proof your field communications and remote data acquisition and control, stop by at our booth at digitalPMRExpo 2020 and bowse our website: www.taitradio.com