TIPRO d.o.o.

Anton Gabrijel


Established back in 1991., Tipro is this year celebrating its 30th anniversary. With 35 employees it is a small-size private limited company, based in Slovenia with headquarters and production in its own facility.

Since the very beginning TIPRO design, manufacture and market computer terminals and peripherals for various reliability-critical applications. The commitment to quality and environmental regulations has been acknowledged by ISO 9001 (since 1996) and ISO 14001 (since 2012) certificates. 

TIPRO voice communication modules secure reliability and longevity with carefully selected suppliers and components. Qualified partners are chosen not only for the quality of their components but also for secured long term availability. Competence and responsiveness are also of great importance.

The complete product range is designed with easy-to-integrate, easy-to-use and ergonomics as important factors. It includes various consoles from compact all-in-one BF07 to comfortable BF22, add-on or standalone handset, intercoms and their combinations. Modular add-on functional keyboards additionally extend the possibilities while customisation is the option for further personalisation of the product.

Customers from Europe, North and South America, Africa, Asia and Australia do rely on our products for several decades, proving our direction is the right one.

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