STRABAG Infrastructure & Safety Solutions GmbH

Gali Kostrova


STRABAG Infrastructure & Safety Solutions (formerly Center Communication Systems) is one of Europe’s leading companies in the field of communication and safety technology and provides innovative as well as tailor-made system solutions for authorities and organisations with security responsibilities, public institutions, industry and companies in a variety of sectors. 

The range of services includes everything from highly available products and systems to the installation and operation of end-to-end solutions as general contractor. Among other things, these include: 

- VoIP communication management systems

- Control centre consoles and furniture

- TETRA redundant operation units, status and fallback solutions

- Digital alarm controllers

- Digital alarm units for alarming pagers, siren terminals and receivers

- Indoor and tunnel radio systems 

- Mobile data terminals for emergency vehicles

We have many years of experience in the installation and system integration of operation control centres, emergency call centres as well as indoor and tunnel radio systems and offer modern and highly secure transmission technologies for public authorities, organisations, and various companies.

The focus here is on digital alerting and notification of emergency services in the case of an emergency, of the population in the event of a catastrophe or disaster, and of employees on the premises of an industrial plant.

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