Status 3 IT GmbH

Dr. Johanna Dahlhausen


Status 3 IT offers innovative hardware and software solutions for emergency services navigation, operational documentation and the control of digital radio devices in vehicles and radio control centers. With the aim of helping customers to easily use the possibilities of digital radio, the products are designed to be operated intuitively and without expert knowledge.

With TETRAcontrol, common TETRA radio devices can be controlled by a simple PC interface. The software can be used with any compatible radio device - as the main system or as a fall-back level to the operations control system. TETRAcontrol is used to display the status, record incoming calls and process actions (including MQTT, building control). A map module offers the possibility of georeferencing GPS positions, status and emergency calls. Thanks to a built-in web server, there is the possibility of remote access as well as forwarding incoming alarms to external services. An alarm module enables an overview and detailed view of all sent and received TETRA alarms, as well as the convenient triggering of TETRA alarm scenarios.

Additional product solutions from Status 3 IT are the navigation solution NBX, the PEI multiplexer PMX, the mobile TETRA digital radio data and control solution UBX and last but not least the software e:LION for operational documentation and situation management. 

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