SPINNER designs and builds cutting-edge radio frequency systems, setting performance and longevity standards for others to follow. The company's track record of innovation dates back to 1946, and many of today's mainstream products are rooted in SPINNER inventions.


Industry leaders continue to count on SPINNER's engineering excellence to drive down their costs of service and ownership with premium-quality, off-the-shelf products and custom solutions. Headquartered in Munich, Germany, the global frontrunner in RF components remains the first choice in simple-yet-smart RF solutions.


SPINNER Highlights at PMR Expo 2021:


SPINNER Multiband Combining Systems

3 x 3 matrix, broadband 380 to 3800 MHz, 4.3-10 female,

isolation of more than 30 dB, low reflection, extremely low passive intermodulation (low PIM)


SPINNER Coaxial Directional Couplers

broadband 380 to 3800 MHz, 3 dB, X-Style, 4.3-10 female, IP 65,

high typical isolation value of 35 dB crucially contributes to preventing interference between transmitted frequencies


SPINNER Symmetrical Coaxial Splitters broadband 380 to 3800 MHz, 2-way to 4-way, 200 W, 4.3-10 female, very low profile, connections aligned with the cables


SPINNER Asymmetric Coaxial Tappers

broadband 380 to 3800 MHz, 4.8 dB to 20 dB, IP65, 300 W, 4.3-10 female, low intermodulation (low PIM)


SPINNER Portable Precision Load for Site & In-Building Testing

broadband 380 to 3800 MHz, 40 W, 4.3-10 male screw and 4.3 female, low PIM, IP65

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