SEB Söffker Elektronik Barsinghausen GmbH

Olaf Kreye

Exhibitor presentation

Since 1975 we have been a reliable partner for the industry as well as for authorities and organizations with security responsibilities, known as “BOS“. 

With our vast technological expertise and decades of experience, we plan, develop, manufacture and distribute high-grade, bespoke solutions, individually made to fit all our client’s needs.

Our core competence for authorities and emergency services include:

Planning, development, production and implementation of bespoke client solutions for radio equipment and building automation.

Planning, conception and production of equipment for dispatch centers including innovative radio technology, building automation and high-grade desks, custom made to fit the special needs of modern emergency services.

Equipping of emergency vehicles with innovative radio technology, navigation and special solutions.

We offer everything from a single provider – Made in Germany!

The VoIP-Fire product range is always growing, and its latest family members are our new, innovative Touch-Remote Radio Operating and Control unit and our operational navigation System SEB Drive².

At our booth we will present our SEB ELW Router, radio and building automation technology, siren-/light- and gate-control, alarm-visualization/display, DF-plug connection, transport solutions for technical equipment, components for equipping vehicles with radio systems. And from the product portfolio of dispatching and control desks we will present our universal and newly developed dispatching and control desk system.

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