Rücker + Schindele Beratende Ingenieure GmbH

Ing. Roland Großfurtner


Your Experts for Control Centers, Wireless Systems, and IT:

Reap the Benefits of Our Years of Experience and Innovative Strength.

Rücker + Schindele was founded in the year 2000 and has specialized since then in technical building equipment. Since 2004, we have been handling projects in the areas of control centers, wireless systems, IT, and transmission technology for a wide range of clients. We guide you through your projects – from the initial concept to implementation and beyond. To this end, our experienced employees, who are active participants in the BOS environment, not only draw on their professional expertise but also on their experience from carrying out voluntary work at the fire department and other public safety institutions.

Rücker + Schindele offers comprehensive know-how in all engineering disciplines. Our consultancy provides expert advice on systems engineering, project management, quality management, and IT security. The combination of engineering and consulting competencies is the hallmark of the all-encompassing project management services at Rücker + Schindele, giving your projects a significant, if not decisive advantage, in achieving the goals you set out.

Our Services:

⊲ Control center technology, including operation control systems

⊲ Information technology

⊲ Wireless systems for buildings / other wireless systems (digital and analog)

⊲ Hazard management systems

⊲ Media technology

IT security in compliance with ISO 2700

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