rfe-global GmbH

Thomas Kröger


"The modern way to reduce cost and time to market for all of us" is our guideline as a leading supplier of measurement equipment and RF-products for the whole range of the mobile radio communication, especially in the PMR segment.

Our Services

  • R&D services on request for soft- and hardware (Protocol stacks)
  • Consulting for measuring and system solutions
  • Training focused on TETRA, TEDS and DMR

Product portfolio

MultiAnalyzer Software for protocol analysis of TETRA (TMO/DMO) and DMR

  • intuitive operation
  • depth analysis of load distribution (MCCH/TCH)
  • parameters in QoS: cell change, GPS/SDS-Data, Call setup time and more
  • data received and analyzed in real-time
  • graphical view of the data (bar, pie, list view)
  • graphical view of the Network in maps also abstract form

7412 Cipher-Key & Surveillance Monitor

Used to monitor up to 4-TETRA-carrier and send TETRA commands

RF-Multi Monitoring System

Continuously analyzing of different frequency ranges (PMR/GSM/LTE)

Communications System Analyzer from FREEDOM for analog and digital radio systems

R8000 & R8100 &R8200 & R8600 with DMR, TETRA BS/MS, NXDN, P25 and more


Supports R&S®DDF550 Wideband direction finder


thinkRF NEW: H1000A Mission Critical RF Amplifier and RTSA 9kHz – 40GHz

Handy and robust measuring devices:

SWR and RF power meters, Network Analyzers, RF monitors to identify RF-immission

Components: Couplers, Splitters, Filters, Repeaters (GPS/ANALOG/TETRA/DMR)

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