Professioneller Mobilfunk e.V.

Uwe Jakob
+49 2841 3913 254


PMeV is a network of experts from leading suppliers and users of communication systems for mobile professional applications. Its members include manufacturers, system providers, system and application houses, network operators, users, consultants as well as other expert professionals.

PMeV connects manufacturers and users to assess and rate technologies and discuss opportunities and risks of technical solutions and concepts. We offer the platform for a neutral, manufacturer-independent and partnership-based dialog. We regard ourselves as a network stimulating ideas internally as well as externally.

Secure communication networks for public safety organisations, critical infrastructure operators and industry make a key contribution to our society's safety. PMeV's key task is to create awarenes for this. Therefore PMeV is in continuous dialogue with politics, authorities, institutions an other market partners as well as with the public.

PMeV is the promotional sponsor of the PMRExpo.

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