NoraTec GmbH

Andrea Speer


With the DIASweb modules, NoraTec GmbH develops and sells software for standardized emergency call queries and telemedicine.

The DIASSOPweb module can be used for standardized emergency call queries for the fire brigade, rescue service and police and is the market leader in German-speaking countries. As the only product in the world, these departments are integrated in a database and can be used in combination or modularly.

In response to the increasing demand, NoraTec GmbH offers a solution for the emergency doctor with the DIASDOCweb module. This new development allows the tele-emergency doctor to manage and document his missions using a continuous patient protocol. As a communication platform, DIASDOCweb bundles all values from the ELS, the standardized emergency call query and the medical data on site.

In addition, DIASQMweb enables a holistic evaluation of all relevant data of the DIASweb modules and the ELS, by which a qualitative and comprehensive analysis of the control center operation is guaranteed. NoraTec GmbH also offers a proven solution in the area of system administration, which significantly reduces the effort involved in system implementation.

The DIASweb modules are connected to each ELS via a bidirectional interface and are successfully used in many operations centers.

Through intensive exchange with our customers and consistent further development, we ensure the high quality demands on our software products and services.

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