Netze BW GmbH

Petra Ortlieb

Exhibitor presentation

As a services division of Netze BW, which is an EnBW company, we network people as well as companies. In addition to planning, building and operating critical infrastructure, we also create high-availability communications concepts for our clients. The GPS emergency alarm device is a compact emergency alarm device that features GPS positioning and a 24-hour emergency alarm facility. It is also associated with a central service office. It provides safety for employees who are in danger. In a worst-case scenario, it guarantees speedy assistance by alerting the police directly. When it comes to local crisis situations (such as a large-scale and long-lasting power failure), classical telecommunications pathways such as landline networks, mobile communication systems and the internet usually become unavailable after a short span of time. A commune therefore needs communications infrastructure that can function smoothly even under the most difficult circumstances. Our solution: A complete high-performance infrastructure that facilitates independent and crisis-proof communications that make use of satellites. Mobile communication systems are being used in more and more industrial facilities and stationary pieces of hardware. In order to guarantee reliable communications and avoid bad investments that are cost-intensive, it is important to be able to identify the mobile communications provider with the best reception traits. We have developed the level meter for this specific purpose. 

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