Maven Wireless Sweden AB

Exhibitor presentation

In 2016 Fredrik Ekström and his team had been in the wireless industry for almost two decades. But they all felt frustration. The products didn’t do the job as well as they should. The industry was in a way stuck in an old-fashioned way of working. For example, the products were not prepared for future changes like 5G & O-RAN and the technology was mainly built on old analog solutions.

The team started to formulate their ideas. What if… we start from the beginning? Develop a product from scratch and try to improve all aspects? Two years later the job was done. The new company and the new products were better in all respects. Fully digital, upgradable online, much better performance, prepared for future changes in wireless technology such as 5G and O-RAN, smaller units, cost efficient, sustainable, lots of increase in data throughput, hardly any maintenance and a smooth design.

Today Maven Wireless is operating globally with groundbreaking technology, making customers’ and end users’ lives better and easier. We offer a unique and comprehensive DAS system with indoor and tunnel coverage. And it’s still developing. All upgrades are made online, easily and quickly and customers can be assured that the technology is future-proof and up to date.

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