LS telcom AG

Roland Götz


In a world where smart technologies increasingly determine our everyday lives, it is becoming more and more important to ensure global connectivity through wireless communication. 

LS telcom is a global leader in spectrum efficiency. As wireless technologies diversify and commercialize, the demand for spectrum and its management has increased. There is an increasing search for solutions that enable spectrum sharing or new licensing. 

LS telcom AG provides technologies and services for national and international regulators, network operators and vertical markets. 5G, campus networks and IoT are a key focus, but defense and public safety also play an important role. We want to ensure that all spectrum users maximize their resources and benefit from radio services.

Our Smart Spectrum Solutions offer not only high quality, but also numerous design, planning, management and monitoring options. 

Spectrum users in over 100 countries rely on our experts and products for efficient spectrum use. With around 235 employees worldwide, we not only offer excellent products and services, but also a high number of diverse (online) training courses.

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