LS Elektronik AB

Roland Ehne
Sales Manager


Mimer SoftRadio

We have since 2004 produced the dispatch system Mimer SoftRadio. It has since been sold in over 50 countries worldwide. Mimer SoftRadio lets you remote control radios over IP using a standard PC. Each radio can be handled by many operators and each operator can handle many radios. All types of two-way radios can be controlled as well as phones and intercom. Everything can also be recorded.

Mimer X-Link

When you need to bridge two radio systems together, X-Link will connect any two types of radios. And the two radio systems will work together.

Sirius Remote Panel

Following our rugged vehicle panels for Metro trains we have now built a small remote touch screen panel for the MotoTrbo radio. The panel is water proof and stands both heat and cold so that it can be mounted outdoors on motor cycles, quad bikes and RIB boats.

Lars Stahre Elektronik AB

We are an engineering company focusing on developing and manufacturing both hardware and software mainly used in radio systems. 

Apart from the above products we take on development jobs involving all from mechanics to software. We are fully equipped with the instrumentation needed for development of electronics and radio products. We have our own test chamber for EMC measurements and also heat and cold tests. All hardware and software used in our systems are developed in house.

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