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Thomas Schulte-Hillen


MapTrip 112 is the navigation app with special functions for the fire brigade and police. As a successful GPS navigation expert, we develop special applications for various industries, because standard navigation systems are often not sufficient here. We have designed MapTrip 112 for the blue light sector. In addition to the optimal connection between the control centre and the vehicles, we provide decisive additional functions that are tailored to the daily work processes. The control centre can transmit the coordinates of the destination to MapTrip. Consequently, the driver can start navigation with just one click. On the last metres to the destination, blue light routing can be activated in MapTrip 112. Destinations in a park, forest or pedestrian zone are then approached directly. The driving time calculation and voice announcements are adapted to the higher driving speed. Turning restrictions can be removed. In addition, the navigation map can be changed individually and current detours and closures can be recorded and bypassed. All data is constantly synchronised between the control centre and the emergency vehicles, so that all colleagues involved in the operation have access to the same data. MapTrip 112 is also useful for larger operations, as drivers who are unfamiliar with the area often have to be coordinated. Let us show you MapTrip 112 at our stand, we are looking forward to your visit.

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