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Hanno Heeskens


Certified security

GroupAlarm is the VdS certified highly available alert and communication platform for planning, notification, communication and documentation in emergencies and other critical situations. With GroupAlarm, emergency services, industrial companies, cities, municipalities or hospitals manage small and large emergencies and crises more efficiently than ever before. This starts with planning and ends with audit-proof documentation. Its functions control alarms, scheduling, instructions and required documentation centrally in one software. The wide-ranging requirements of customers include, for example reducing response time, ensuring business continuity management, effective crisis management and civil protection, product recalls as well as the implementation of emergency plans or protection concepts.

Expertise and passion

cubos Internet GmbH is the developer of the web-based alerting software GroupAlarm, which was originally developed as an additional SMS alerting system for emergency forces, including feedback, at the end of the 1990s. The team unites highly motivated personalities from the civil protection organisation THW, the rescue service, the fire department as well as from the industrial environment, who know from their own experience which requirements a SaaS solution has to meet in the area of alerting and crisis communication. This guarantees that the development of GroupAlarm is always oriented towards the needs of the customers. Among the more than 4,000 customers are well-known companies such as Aldi Nord, Siemens, Emsland, Deutschlandradio and Düsseldorf Airport.

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