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Roland Lutz

Exhibitor presentation

metropolyNEO – Situation well in hand

Fully networked crisis management, offline capable mobile systems independent from network connections and modern, easy-to-learn user interfaces – situation well in hand with metropolyNEO!

As a practice-proven solution, metropolyNEO provides situational awareness in every phase of special missions and crisis situations. Connected to Computer-Aided Dispatch systems, metropolyNEO is always up-to-date, provides full documentation and a solid foundation for strategic decisions and operational readiness. Interfaces to existing infrastructures for spatial information and perfect integration of object information (including operational plans) create clarity and ensure fast access in any situation.

metropolyNEO supports police forces, fire departments and rescue agencies – in fact, metropolyNEO is the ideal solution for any kind of emergency organization, public or private. Optimal support for command & control, planning staff and special forces. Situation well in hand – networked emergency operations with metropolyNEO.

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