Volker Hartwein

Exhibitor presentation

Frequentis Public Safety's information and communications solutions build on more than 70 years of security-critical communications experience. For two decades, the focus has been on solutions for control centers of emergency management organisations. Cross-industry voice communication expertise, developed for the aviation, defense, maritime and public transport sectors, provides the foundation to support a diverse set of customer segments with diverse needs. With the development of communication technologies towards open standards and platforms, Frequentis is also leading the way in defining and implementing these standards in industry organisations such as EENA, NENA, APCO and TCCA.
With innovative solutions, Frequentis paves the way for the use of IP-based technologies (NG112 / NG911) and broadband technologies (LTE) in control centres. These solutions eliminate the structural limits to which control centers have so far been subject. Integrated workstations and the ability to handle emergency situations remotely, mobile and with the aid of a wide range of end devices form the core of Frequentis products.

  • Highly advanced integrated ergonomic control center workstation
  • Integration of TETRA, LTE and safety-critical control center applications for networked security
  • Fully automatic drone control for efficient situation management from the control center 
  • Live demos of our proven LifeX and ASGARD products

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