Fireboard GmbH


Fireboard is a software for computer-aided operation control. Developed for use in the command vehicle and at the station, Fireboard aids in on-site operation control. The development is based on many hours of practical experience in command vehicles, resulting in operation control software you can use to handle the challenges of any operation situation. 

Anyone who manages operations knows that up-to-date, easy-to-read information is the key to success. This is the task of Fireboard. Fireboard will make your operation control work noticeably easier since it simplifies the process of compiling all operation-related information and automatically creates connections based on it. Commanders will benefit from the clear and concise decision-making aids. 

The team of experts behind Fireboard offer a range of training courses and workshops around software-assisted operational command at the Fireboard training centres. The software is easy to use and understand and only requires a small amount of training. The instructors will aid you in introducing Fireboard. The team has a lot of valuable knowledge, experience and contacts to share on operation control work in any operation situation. Customers can benefit from this experience because our Fireboard professionals also provide general and specific advice on operation control organisation and support. 

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