Eurocommand GmbH

Carsten Weiske


Eurocommand is the expertise in the field of management support software for authorities and organizations with security tasks. Eurocommand develops and offers integrated command support software for both stationary and mobile operations control centres, from command vehicles to complete command staff.

The software supports and simplifies staff work, which is an advantage when processing operational situations. With CommandX, the management levels A to D of the authorities and organizations with security tasks can get to grips with the situation more quickly and effectively.

The competent specialists at Eurocommand come from the field of operational and public hazard prevention and specialize in the management of operational situations from day-to-day business to special situations, major incidents, and disasters. The main focus here is on electronic command and control support for operations management and hazard prevention.

Our competencies enable differentiated, complete solutions for operations management, staffs as well as crisis and emergency situations. They include the delivery, installation and commissioning of our software or hardware as well as personal advice, training and on-site support.

With the interactive, simple and intuitive command support system CommandX, we have a support system of the latest generation for computer-based operational management in the event of an incident, which has access to professional maps for situation maps.

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