Benjamin Kreiskott

Exhibitor presentation

DIVERA 24/7 is a web-based database for effective and targeted personnel deployment in the areas of civil protection and disaster relief, pre-planned neighborly assistance in public safety.

DIVERA 24/7 records, analyzes and visualizes the availability of firefighters, rescue services and numerous other emergency services.

DIVERA 24/7 helps to optimize the scheduling work at the control center. Through new disposition strategies, the control center acquires abilities to meet demand-driven, real-data-based alarms. 

DIVERA 24/7 optimizes the release levels at an emergency and thus improves the degree of attainment at the protection target.

What can DIVERA 24/7 do? – How DIVERA 24/7 works?

1. DIVERA 24/7 provides an overview of how much personnel and the qualifications available at any time

2. DIVERA 24/7 offers the possibility to communicate appointments and messages within the unit quickly and securely

3. DIVERA 24/7 offers the possibility to forward alarms directly to authorized personnel

4. DIVERA 24/7 provides a permanent monitoring of the protection targets of the respective unit with the control center view

4. DIVERA 24/7 warns if the warning thresholds are exceeded. Machinists or respirators

5. DIVERA 24/7 can be individually adapted to the needs of your unit

6. DIVERA 24/7 offers the possibility of a detailed analysis of the qualitative and quantitative personnel availability for the requirements planning

Read more: https://www.divera247.com/english.html

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