Decodio GmbH

Constantin Blümel


Decodio AG with its headquarter in Zurich develops software for spectrum monitoring, PMR-network troubleshooting, quality assurance and coverage tests. Its German subsidiary Decodio GmbH is based in Forchheim and focused on sales and project management for the German market.

Decodio NET is a highly flexible and powerful air interface analysis tool for digital mobile radio systems.

It allows a fast identification of digital emissions, with built-in support for TETRA, Tetrapol, DMR, NXDN, dPMR and P25. Automatic signal identification and decoding of base station-broadcast, metadata and content is possible. A precise measurement of quality and channel power can be performed simultaneously for multiple frequencies.

Decodio RUNNER facilitates the user to merge GPS-position-information with the measurement data. Power per channel, parameters and modulation quality are visualized on one map.

The Decodio solution operating on PCs or laptop computers combined with high quality wideband receivers results in a portable air-interface monitoring system. In addition, a distributed setup to analyze a whole network within a large geographic area via the air-interface is supported as well. The Decodio QoS system collects measurements and decoded parameter in order to trigger alarms for fast failure detection on the air-interface.

The software defined radio approach makes the system expandable and allows a configuration of the Decodio measurement tools, which perfectly meets all demands.

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