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Since 1970, DATUS AG, based in Aachen, Germany, has been developing, producing and installing communication solutions for voice and data.

Based on an IP-based communication platform, we offer highly available communication solutions for BOS and non-BOS PSAPs. The modular system technology allows the setup of radio-wire communication solutions for primary and backup PSAPs. Customer-specific requirements can be implemented promptly through in-house development.

The portfolio is rounded off with BSI-certified Session Border Controllers, a secure Internet browser, as well as a comprehensive portfolio of gateways around analog, ISDN and IP-based technology, also in the area of voice switching (ISDN, H323, SIP).

Our solutions are in use at about 100 of Germany's BOS PSAPs.

A team of developers and service technicians with many years of experience provides "round-the-clock" competent support for our customers.

Application areas:


IP telephony, Voice-over-IP (VoIP), IP communication platform, analog/ISDN/IP gateways, voice/media gateways, voice switching ISDN/SIP, session border controller and a secure Internet browser to protect IP connections to external parties.

For police and non-police PSAPs:

Emergency call decoder/gateways, PSAPs telephony, query switching system, IP emergency call office connection, transfer of emergency call data to other PSAPs, PSAP coupling, announcement-before-query, emergency call conferences, protection against DoS attacks for IP telephony, session border controller and secured Internet browser.


Hardened applications for military ICT solutions in the mobile environment.

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