Corevas GmbH & Co. KG

Prof. Dr. Günter Huhle

Exhibitor presentation


an innovative technology that improves on-site situation assessment and targeted resource deployment for efficient problem resolution and protection of people and infrastructure in the event of a medical emergency, road traffic accident, major fire, flood, mass accident, hazardous materials incident or large-scale NBC situation. EmergencyEye meets the highest requirements of critical infrastructure in terms of integrity, confidentiality and availability. All data protection relevant functions (camera, location, photo documentation) require the release of the caller and all data connections are highly encrypted. More than 20 districts use this system in their service area. Due to the cloud-based WebRTC technology, EmergencyEye can be started from the existing infrastructure of its user without additional effort and in a simple way. The open interface (REST API) enables easy integration into existing IT ecosystems. The application options range from the simple "stand alone" solution with manual number transfer from the telephone system, via the "connect" solution with automatic number transfer from the telephone system, to full integration into deployment management systems and thus merging with the users' IT systems. The intuitive interface leads to a quick familiarisation of the users. This enables the dispatchers to use the system without errors and comfortably at their workplaces, which in turn ensures a high level of user acceptance.

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