Aquapac International Limited

Massimo Malavasi

Exhibitor presentation

Aquapac International Limited, based in London,  

have nearly 40 years’ experience in the design,

manufacture and distribution of protective waterproof cases for two-way radios, radio mics and phones. All communication devices can be used as normal inside the cases – transmit, receive, change channels – and can be carried in a variety of ways: adjustable carry cords, three-way harnesses, with our new Dock System as well as on stretch belts with tactical loops.

Aquapac cases are used by military, emergency services, safety and rescue teams across the world as well as film/TV/broadcast engineers.

A range of general purpose protective waterproof cases for professional communications use will be on display.

At PMR Expo 2021, we will be exhibiting our new patented cable gland which protects and waterproofs cables connected to remote microphones or headsets. Also new: Dock System carrying system ideal for fire, ambulance and police forces.

Aquapac supply standard product ranges and can also make customer cases for specific customer requirements. 

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