BHE Bonn Hungary Electronics Ltd.

Melinda Tóth-Havasaljai
+36 1 233 2138


BHE is a major designer of numerous RF and microwave products for government, defence, aeronautics and space organizations worldwide. For mobile operators different radio solutions (TETRA, PMR, DMR) available from the company and various radio communication standards like TETRA, UHF, GSM, DCS, UMTS (W-CDMA), LTE and FM, VHF, DAB are supported in single, multiple bands and DAS architecture too.

The full TETRA offering contains a complete set of analogue band selective and digital band/channel selective repeaters using the latest SDR technology that apart from the flexibility of choosing the filter characteristics gives additional different features. Regarding housing rack mount, wall mount and ATEX options are available for customers. BHE’s passive portfolio contains splitters, combiners and couplers.

The company has a strong portfolio of optical repeaters supporting different architectures: point to point, star and daisy chain can be built with various levels of redundancy. Operators can enjoy the benefit of the dual RF band slave unit to save space and cost.

BHE offers full tunnel & metro solutions by preparing combined solutions of different bands needed. These units are built together the necessary passive elements and tested on rack level ensuring minimum time of installation on site.

In order to support smooth operations NMS can help operators in their activity. The SW contains several features such as alarm messages, event log and map based network visualization.

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